Almost 800 years have passed since Shinran revealed the teaching of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism) in Japan, following the path of Sakyamuni and other masters in India, China and Japan. The teaching, with deep reflection on human existence and the realization of dynamic Dharma, has fascinated many people around the world.

Thus, the practice of Jodo Shinshu does not remain solely in Japan, but has expanded to Hawaii, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

More people are learning about Jodo Shinshu through ministers’ activities, publications and the internet. As one response to their growing interest, we have established a correspondence course providing them, especially those who do not have access to temples nearby, with basic knowledge of Jodo Shinshu.

We are administering a new system for accepting applications. Please apply here by submitting your application online. Applications will be continually accepted, however, actual enrollment will be based on date and time of application (15 students per enrollment). Applicants will be notified by the JSCC Office of their expected enrollment date. Click here for information on the enrollment system.

I found the Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course to be a complete introduction to the teachings of Shakyamuni and Shinran, as well as a flexible and intellectually challenging course that goes beyond an intensive retreat. This course provides an excellent foundation and overview of General and Shin Buddhism, from its Indian origins to arrival in America, from Four Noble Truths to Primal Vow—the breadth and depth of material is deeply satisfying. Most rewarding is the scholarly feedback from the faculty-ministers, who provide hands-on guidance and encouragement to help the student develop a personal understanding of the essentials. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned learner, do not hesitate to enroll. You will find this course stimulating and profound.

Thank you so much for allowing me to continue this course, all the help, communication, and so much sharing is deeply appreciated.  I have gained so much from the readings but the response feedback was tremendous!  I felt like the responses were personal dharma messages just for me and I repeatedly read them over and over again.  Thank you very much.  Please share my heartfelt thanks to everyone.

I feel that this course was extremely helpful to me. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to write the essays and have feedback from the instructors.” “While the feedback is wonderful to receive, it is the process of critical thinking in researching and writing the essays that I enjoy the most. Thanks to you and all others who make the JSCC a worthwhile course of study.

It was a real pleasure attending the JSCC and it is somehow sad that it is done now. I will surely recommend this course at any time to my friends and I do hope that the course will provide many more people with knowledge about our Jodo Shinshu tradition.

I think that the questions are good, but I really have nothing to say except that the whole program is logically organized, the readings are excellent, and the questions accompanying each assignment are thought-provoking.  I think that it is an excellent program in which to learn basic and in-depth information about Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu.

Learning about the fundamentals of Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu through this course has helped me be more aware and observant of my surroundings (people and environment). It has also made my time during service at temple (chanting, Listening to Gobunsho, etc.,) so much more meaningful.

Peace to you! Thank you for what I think is an excellent program. I hope that others from my local Temple will also take up the challenge of this course.

I thought it was excellent for a distance learning program. I recommend it to anyone wishing to both broaden and deepen their understanding in combination with local practice/attendance.