1. Will we have an enrollment or graduation ceremony?
No, there will not be any ceremonies.

2. Is it possible to drop out of the course?
Yes. However, we ask that the student send us a signed course drop out form which can be obtained from the JSCC office.  We will close student’s account within 10 days upon receiving the form.  Please keep in mind that the tuition is nonrefundable.

3. What is the summer workshop?
Because this is a computer-based correspondence course, we will communicate with each other via the internet. In order to communicate at least once in person, however, we will offer a two-day summer workshop every year. Workshops will include lectures, sutra-chantings, discussions with instructors, etc.  Through these activities and by meeting each other, we hope the participants will obtain meaningful experiences beyond that which is limited by internet communication.

4. Even after completing the two-year course, is it possible to access the correspondence course web site?
Yes. Although those who have completed the course will not be able to submit the assignments, they can browse some materials which have been uploaded to the web site, such as lectures, Dharma Talks, articles, etc.

5. Is this an accredited course?
No, it is not.

6. When is the second year tuition payment due?
The tuition payment period for the second year ($360.00 U.S. dollars), falls between May 1 and August 15 right before the second year starts. A notice will be sent out from the JSCC office at the end of April of the first year.

7. What is the level of this course?
This is an introductory course to gain basic understanding of Jodo Shinshu.  If you want the advanced study of Jodo Shinshu, we recommend that you contact the IBS (Institute of Buddhist Studies) at http://www.shin-ibs.edu/

8. Is it possible to temporarily withdraw from the course?
Yes. We can suspend a student’s account for a year due to unforeseeable reasons.