Registration System for JSCC Enrollment

New Registration System for JSCC Enrollment

The JSCC Office has decided to change the application process as follows:

  • Applicant may go to the JSCC website at any time from November 1, 2015.
  • He/she clicks on application for registration, completes the form and clicks submit
  • JSCC Office receives the completed application via email from the website
  • JSCC Office notes the date and time of receipt
  • Applicant receives email confirming receipt from JSCC Office
  • Applicant is placed on a list in order of date/time received
  • Applicant is notified which enrollment group he or she falls into based on the “wait in line” policy
  • If/when a previous applicant cancels his/her registration, the next person in line moves up and may be able to join an earlier enrollment group depending on the number enrolled.
  • The maximum number of students in each enrollment group is 15, however, Hongwanji Office may hold space for priority cases when necessary.