2009 Summer Workshop | Aug 8 & 9, 2009

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On August 8 and 9, the Workshop was held for the first time.  Eleven students came from Canada, Southern California, Oregon and local areas to attend the program.  Participating instructors were Rev. Grant Ikuta (Canada), Rev. Gregory Gibbs (BCA), Rev. Carol Himaka (BCA), Rev. Dr. David Matsumoto (BCA), Bishop Kodo Umezu, (then Director of the Center for Buddhist Education) and Rev.  Kiyonobu Kuwahara (JSCC Coordinator).  Activities included Opening Service, Ice Breaker, Q&A on Course Topics,  Special Lecture, “Karma and Dharma” by Prof. Mark Blum, specialist in Buddhist thought and culture from the University of Albany (presently with the University of California, Berkeley)  as well as student discussions, delicious meals, a movie, reflection session, Sunday Service and  a lecture by Rev. Matsumoto entitled “Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu.”   One student expressed his evaluation of the Workshop: “The lectures were extremely interesting. The pace was very good, with a sufficient amount of free time. The movie was great!  The ability to meet other JSCC students was rewarding.”