2011 Summer Workshop | Aug 13 & 14, 2011

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On August 13 and 14, eleven students attended the Workshop. They came from Japan, Mendocino, San Diego, Seattle, Maine, as well as local areas. They enjoyed a variety of activities including casual group discussions, Shakyo (sutra calligraphy), two services conducted by guest ministers and a Q&A on Course Topics attended by Rev. Gibbs, Rev. Ikuta, Rev. Himaka, Rev. Umezu and Rev. Kuwahara. Special Guest Speaker, Dr. George Tanabe, Professor Emeritus of the University of Hawaii and distinguished author gave an insightful and inspirational lecture entitled “The Uniqueness of Shin Buddhism” in which he highlighted the importance of understanding the history and development as well as the religious art of Jodo Shinshu. Rev. Grant Ikuta of the Canadian Mission delivered a moving lecture on the life of Shinran Shonin and how the Nembutsu teachings are meaningful to us in our lives today while recognizing the individuality of our encounters with Jodo Shinshu. For lunch the students enjoyed Coq au Vin prepared by former Chef Alan Hirahara and the delicious Sukiyaki dinner prepared by all the students was a special treat. At the Closing Service, Patsy Nishina received her Course Completion Certificate. One student commented that “Dr. George Tanabe gave an excellent presentation. The group discussions were a very interesting mixture of course topics and personal experiences. The food was five-star quality, as always!” Another student commented that they enjoyed “the amazing knowledge of the speakers and instructors. The interesting stories of why students were here.”